SCM20, 11th May 2016, TC

SCM19, 31th March 2016, TC

SCM18, 05th February 2016, Barcelona, Spain


SCM17, 14th January 2016, TC

SCM16, 17th December 2015, TC

 SCM15, 9th November 2015, TC

SCM14, 13th October 2015, TC

SCM13, 22th September 2015, Antwerp, Belgium

  • Agenda (N/A)
  • Minutes (Part of the #4GAM Minutes)

SCM12, 8th September 2015, TC

SCM11, 4th June 2015, TC

SCM10, 10th March 2015, Barcelona, Spain

SCM9, 2nd February 2015, Teleconference

SCM8, 9th December 2014, Teleconference

SCM7, 3th November 2014, Teleconference

SCM6, 22nd September 2014, Brussels, Belgium

SCM5, 17th June 2014, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

SCM4, 5th May 2014, Teleconference

SCM3, 24th March 2014, Teleconference

SCM2, 10th February 2014, Teleconference

SCM1, 10th December 2013, Barcelona, Spain